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G-FED is an innovative platform for genetic research and applications, pioneered by Solaris Genomics. This project, which started in 2022, brings together dynamic consent mechanisms and privacy-focused federated search technologies to facilitate the sharing and analysis of genetic data.

Purpose and Importance of the Project

G-FED aims to make significant progress in the fields of health and research by ensuring that genetic data is used more efficiently for research and new scientific discoveries. The project is a first in sharing genetic data using modern information technologies and thus strengthens Turkey's place in genetic research.

Technological Innovations

The project offers significant innovations in areas such as big data analysis, blockchain technologies and cloud-based database software. G-FED's advanced algorithms focus on the "7V" characteristics of genetic data (volume, velocity, variety, variability, accuracy, visualization, value), enabling these data to be processed and analyzed more effectively.

Effects of the Project

G-FED offers positive impacts to genetic research as well as health, education and other sectors. The platform contributes to the development of personalized medicine and healthcare services by allowing researchers and healthcare professionals to work more deeply on genetic data.

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