Research Ecosystems

Research Ecosystems is an R&D and technology company established in 2021 by the most experienced team working in data analytics within Teknopark İzmir (İYTE Campus, Urla).
The company's product, the GCRIS database, is beyond all research outputs that are part of the research ecosystem; It is a research and performance evaluation information system that allows to search and discover research components such as awards, projects, laboratory equipment, associate these components with researchers, provide advanced reporting with different metrics, and support corporate strategic decisions.
In addition, it is an open institutional academic archive at international standards that brings together and organizes all kinds of academic outputs related to research activities and allows sharing with the whole scientific world by providing long-term protection.

Besides from our main product GCRIS ecosystem, we are working on innovative software projects that include analytics and artificial intelligence applications in line with our company vision. These projects are software projects that include federated software architectures, use blockchain technology and produce data analytics in a distributed manner in the fields of health, biotechnology and energy. Some of these projects are GCRIS, DSpace 7, DSpace CRIS 7, GGuides, APDS (Academic Performance Evaluation System) within the GCRIS ecosystem. Research Ecosystems offers turnkey solutions to its customers.

  • Understand Databases
  • Explore The Data Science Workflow
  • Level Up with Big Data

Data Science

  • The Data Analyst
  • The Data Engineer
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Generalist

Artificial Intelligence

  • Reactive Machines
  • Limited Memory
  • Theory of Mind
  • Artificial Narrow Intelligence

Machine Learning

  • Linear Regression
  • Support Vector Machines
  • Random Forest
  • Ensemble Methods

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